8 MORE ASIAPAC NOTES The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (HKSKH) celebrated its 20TH anniversary with a series of commemorative events and programmes throughout 2018. While the Province is only 20 years young, the history of the Anglican Church in Hong Kong and Macau goes way back, to the mid-nineteenth century when the Diocese of Victoria was established in 1849. The HKSKH is small, compris- ing only three dioceses: Hong Kong, Eastern Kowloon, and Western Kowloon and a mis- sionary area of Macau. Steeped in history, it has long known what it’s like and what it takes to be a part of something significant. It was once the Diocese of South China (Dio- cese of Kong Yuet) of the Chung Hua Sheng Kung Hui. The bishops of the HKSKH, reminded their flock of its “beginnings,” in their pastoral letter marking the anniversary, that “Twenty years ago, we took up the mantle of our forebears and sought to continue their work. As we look back upon the past two decades, we are thankful, not only because of the joy that ‘institutionally’ our Church has been ‘elevated’ from a diocese to a province, but more importantly, we praise God for our inheritance of the service to which our forebears dedicated their lives.” The forebears of HKSKH have made mission at the heart of the province. The strong partnerships with schools and social service agencies to serve the people of Hong Kong and Macau strengthened in the past two decades, but the seeds were sown, countless challenges overcome, and the firm foundation of mission extend beyond 20 years. At the October 6 thanksgiving dinner — the concluding event — Archbishop Paul Kwong reminded all that, “We were formed in and for mission. …We seek to be a Church for the city and with the city in Hong Kong and Macau.” The commitment to education and social welfare has always been an essential feature of the mission of the Church in Hong Kong right up to the present and will continue. The Compass Rose Soci- ety delegation was among the guests from around the world who joined the special cele- bration of the Eucharist to mark the occasion and the thanks- giving dinner. CRS President Bishop Andrew Doyle spoke of the work and generosity of the HKSKH and described it as a model of virtue for the Anglican Communion. DID YOU KNOW? The Revd Canon John L. Peterson, former secretary general of the Anglican Communion and past-president and current board member of CRS played an instrumental role in estab- lishing the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, 38th Province in the Anglican Communion. CRS President Bishop Andrew Doyle was said to have been very much impressed by the “feeding of the 3000” at the October 6TH Celebration of the Eucharist at the Asia-World Expo, noting the preparation required. The altar cloth for the extra-large altar table used was sourced and stitched together by CRS Member Mrs. Nancy Lo. Alice Wu, her husband Ben, and son Christian are members of the Hong Kong Chapter of the Compass Rose Society. “[HKSKH] EXEMPLIFIES THE SAYING ‘SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL’.” -- ANGLICAN COMMUNION SECRETARY GENERAL DR. JOSIAH IDOWU-FEARO Archbishop Paul Kwong Primate of Hong Kong and chair of the Anglican Consultative Council