CRS members visiting the Children’s Department in the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (HKSKH) Welfare Council. From left to right: Kirsten Peterson, Antonia Wong, Dean Samson Fan (President of the Hong Kong Chapter of the CRS), Canon John L. Peterson, Pauline Maxwell, Bishop Andy Doyle (President of the CRS), Neil Maxwell. Missing from the photo: Bishop Michael Ingham. In addition to training ordained ministers, the College also provides laity and continued education for clergy programs. And on top of Sunday services, the College runs an orphanage, founded in 1996 and named Grace Home for the Needy Children — providing orphaned or abandoned children with basic education, equipping them with skills for living. It also offers vocational training for abandoned mothers. Since 2010, the College has commenced its decade long expansion plan — to provide a master’s program, enlarge the College library, construct a College complex, enhance facili- ties for children and teens and enhance the software of the College. The College aims to raise funds totaling US$600 thousand, of which 40% will be raised by the Myanmar Province and 60% — HK$2.8 million — by overseas contributions. Members also heard Debbie McGowan of St. John’s Cathedral share her volunteer service experience in Myanmar. She taught English for free at Taungoo, Myanmar and shared the fruits of years of collaboration the Cathedral had with the Diocese of Taungoo. Finally, one more happy news worth a mention is this: Hong Kong Chapter Organizing Committee members Alice and Ben Cheung were one of the reasons why the first Hong Kong Chapter Night was held in Kowloon Tong. We chose a venue close to the hospital where their baby was to be delivered. After the dinner, Alice and Ben went straight to the hospital, sent off with our blessings and laughter to welcome their 7.3lb baby son! We ended our first Hong Kong Chapter Night full of thanksgiving, joy, and blessings. Please continue to pay attention to and pray for CRS Hong Kong Chapter and our work. 7 Canada, including Society President Bishop Andy Doyle and former Secretary-General of the Anglican Consultative Con- ference the Revd Canon John Peterson, celebrating the 20TH Anniversary of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. The Revd Canon Samson Fan encouraged all present to take part in the four-day tour the Chapter has already planned for the delegation and be good hosts to our guests and to enjoy the fellowship of and as members of the international CRS family. The Revd Canon Samson Fan (whose Hong Kong photos are published in this article) pointed out that one of the reasons for setting up Hong Kong Chapter is to raise the awareness of and bring focus to the work of the Church in Asia within the Communion. And thus, he shared a possible “Asian” fundrais- ing project — the expansion of the Holy Cross Theological College in Yangon, Myanmar. Canon Samson made a merry quip on his sharing about Holy Cross Theological College on Holy Cross Day, saying “It must have been God’s will!” Holy Cross Theological College is the sole divinity school in Church of the Province of Myanmar. The College, founded in 1934, trains ordained ministers and mission workers and runs a B.Th program. It currently has only four classrooms, with a capacity of 10-15 students per class; the library holds 20 thousand books. On average, the College has 50 students attending every year.