2 My prayer is that sufficient funds may be raised to provide bursaries for all those in need, so that lack of finances does not preclude anyone being able to attend Lambeth 2020. The funds required run into millions of pounds sterling, and any and all contributions to this fund are enormously appreciated. Canon Rosenthal: You had mentioned that I Peter was to be the Biblical focus at the Lambeth 2020. Can you share with us some of your thinking and that of the planning team on this powerful biblical challenge? And are there specific prayer intentions that can be shared with our CRS folk? Archbishop Welby: I love 1 Peter because it is about the mes- sage of hope. We are called into holiness and hope, following the example of Christ. It continues to encourage us to be resil- ient, proclaiming Christ in every situation showing hospitality to all and oversight in Christ. With the help of a team of New Testament scholars, we will thread the many themes of 1 Peter throughout the conference to build one another up in Christ. We will worship, pray, share and have time together – bishops and spouses. It is my fervent hope and prayer that this will be a significant moment in the history of our extraordinary global family as we witness to our shared love in Jesus Christ, attentive to the call of the Spirit and prayerfully seek God’s direction for an Anglican Communion equipped for the 21ST century. Canon Rosenthal: Can you share any thoughts when you celebrate the Eucharist at the Cathedral in Canterbury and stand in front of the Compass Rose, placed in the nave at the 1988 Lambeth Conference. Archbishop Welby: The Compass Rose signifies to me that in every direction that God calls and sends us we are to spread the good news, however far, difficult or challenging. The good news of Jesus Christ must reach every corner of our planet, every place where His light needs to shine. We think and give thanks for every brother and sister in Christ who has gone before us having heard the command to go in the power of His Holy Spirit. Today, we continue His commission, to bring His hope, His life-giving Spirit wherever there is despair, to bring His joy where there is sadness, transform lives in our communities with the love of Christ. Canon Rosenthal: Be assured of our constant prayers for you and Mrs. Welby as you seek to share Christ with our world. Continued from page 1 ~ Lambeth 2020: A Conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury Caroline and Justin Welby while visiting China in 2015. Some Communion Bishops will need financial assistance to attend Lambeth 2020 THE COMPASS ROSE SOCIETY RAISE $1 MILLION IN FINANCIAL AID. Our goal is to fund 100 $10,000 scholarships by May 2020. To contribute, please read the details at compassrosesociety.org/lambeth2020 A full $10,000 scholarship earns a Compass Rose Society membership. THE COMPASS ROSE SOCIETY 1225 Texas Avenue | Houston, Texas 77002 www.compassrosesociety.org