19 Society for the greater Anglican mission. Compass Rose Society members over the years have enabled our brothers and sisters in economically and politically challenged environments, remote in both distance and common ex- perience from our lives, to know that they are part of a larger community. Bob Biehl provides a full review of our 2018 gifts and funding priorities in this Communicator. Let me hit the high points. The year 2018 will be remembered as the year the Society first received 1 million (USD) in member’s contribu- tions -- a 35% growth in giving over 2017. Our new Hong Kong Chapter led the way in new memberships for 2018. This generous level of support from our members provided more than one-half million dollars for the ACC in support of its mission and ministry. Also, the Society also met needs in the Diocese of Jerusalem which was hard hit by the US government’s cut-off of aid to the Palestinian Authority. The Society also continued to support various dioceses within the Communion in Asia and Africa. Since its founding, the Society’s members have enabled it to make gifts exceeding $11.5 million. A major Society project is to support the Lambeth conference. The Lambeth Conference is a significant event in the life of the Anglican Church. It brings together all active bishops and their spouses from across the worldwide Anglican Communion – that’s more than 165 countries. The aim is to seek God’s direction for the future of the Anglican/ Episcopalian Church for the decades ahead. You can read more about the conference here: www.lambethconference. org/en/. Every $10,000 US dollars raised will help bishops travel to the UK for this once in a lifetime experience. For many bishops, this will be the first time they travel outside Continued from page 1 ~ Message From the President a noticeable increase in ethnic and racial diversity of the bishops between the 1988 and 1998. During that decade, not only did the Communion expand its membership with more dioceses, but also most of the bishops attending the 1998 conference were indigenous. No longer were bishops appointed from the global north to serve in the global south. This will certainly be true at the 2020 Conference hosted by Archbishop Justin Welby. While all aspects of the Lambeth Conferences are impor- tant, I believe that the most important thing that happens at a Lambeth Conference is that the archbishops and bishops MEET. They pray together; they worship together, they eat together, they meet in small groups together, they participate in plenary sessions together, they have fellowship together. Many bishops serve in isolated dioceses in the Anglican Communion, and suddenly at the Lambeth Conference, they are no longer alone, but they are a part of something far greater -- they join the great diversity that distinguishes the Anglican Communion. Continued from page 3 ~ Some Mussing About the Lambeth Conferences their jurisdiction. For mission areas where provincial bishops are the most economically stretched this would be impossible. With our help, we can insure that bishops make connections for the greater health and vitality of mission globally. This gathering puts bishops together not only in prayer and in reflec- tion about our common future as a communion, but it is also a way of empowering the greater network of mission. As one of the instruments of communion, the Lambeth Conference will help us to strengthen our ties and mutual mission leadership. Please join me and my diocese in funding scholarships. You can donate by check or through our website at www. compassrosesociety.org/lambeth2020. Again, thank you for your annual support of the mission of the Anglican Communion. JoAnne and I are grateful, and we look forward to welcoming many of you to London for our 2019 annual meeting and dinner hosted by The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and Mrs. Caroline Welby. I remain your faithful servant, C. Andrew Doyle IX Bishop of Texas ~ President of the Compass Rose Society Charles Andrew Doyle (Andy) is the ninth Bishop of Texas. He served five years as canon to the ordinary prior to his election. Bishop Doyle holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas and served at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Austin before receiving his M. Div. from Virginia Theological Seminary. He was ordained deacon in 1995 and priest the following year. He served at Christ Church, Temple and St. Francis, College Station.