15 A generous Society member has offered to match gifts to the Bishop Ackon Memorial Eye Centre in Ghana up to $7,000 to pay off the debt remaining on the passenger van they recently purchased using a donation from the Society and a loan for the funds required to complete the purchase. The van is used to transport patients to and from the Centre and for other outreach activities. The Rev Canon Kofi deGraft Johnson who administers the Bishop Ackon Centre wrote this in thanks for our gift. “…To the glory of God, we have procured a brand-new Toyota HiAce 15-seater bus from Toyota Ghana. The bus was delivered to the Centre last Friday, and on Sunday, the Bishop dedicated the bus for our use.” To contribute, sent a check with a note “Bishop Ackon van match” to The Compass Rose Society, Attn: Tami Hawkins, donate online from the Society website, or scan the QR code and com- plete the donation form. SUPPORT TH E BI SH OP ACKON BISHOP ACKON MEMORIAL CHRISTIAN EYE CENTRE By the Reverend Kofi deGraft Johnson The Rt. Rev. Victor Atta-Baffoe Bishop of Cape Coast in the province of Ghana consecrates the passenger van at the Bishop Ackon Eye Clinic in Ghana. BOOKS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE COMPASS ROSE SOCIETY Bishop Doyle comments: For us to understand the future shape of vocations in the church we must first wrestle with the vocation of the church itself. I have attempted to do both in Vocãtiõ. I believe that God has a mission. God’s mission has a church -- a community -- and we are that community of beloved apostles. As such, how do we stop fumbling over institutional trappings and get to the business of our mission? What are the theological and spiritual imperatives that mark the work before us? And what are the economies that force us to rely on outdated models of being and doing church? I have explored these questions in previous books, sharing the con- versations I have been having as a priest and then bishop of the Episcopal Church with my diocese and beyond. I have come to believe that some aspects of our formation for the future lie in how the Church functioned in the past. I firmly believe that there is a great tide that washes through the Church both from the past and the future. If we look carefully at our past, we can see the seeds of our becoming. I believe that the Holy Spirit draws us forward. Discernment and conversation cost what they will and lead where they may, are essential for leadership and strategy. All of creation flows out of the community of the Divine Trinity and is a reciprocation, a return to God, of this divine gift. We are part of that eternal return. As an institution filled with people, we also wander adrift, blown by winds that lead us elsewhere. (Ephesians 4:14) In every age, therefore, we examine the faith we have received to make necessary course corrections to ensure that we are traveling with the tide of God’s Spirit and not futilely rowing against it.