Winter | Spring 2019 1 Continued on page 2 M E S S A G E F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T A LOOK BACK 2019is my fifth year to serve as president of the Compass Rose Society. JoAnne and I have been honored and fortunate to be invited into this beloved global community. As I reflect on these past years as your president, and the whole of the eleven years as a member, my heart is full. Gratitude frames this season in the life of the Society. I am grateful for the answer of so many of you to help support the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Anglican Consultative Council’s mission, and the Secretary General. The relationships of people (literally) from all over the world. The high points have been the trips on your behalf to places as diverse as Ghana and Hong Kong, Cuba and the cross-country visit to Canada. I have represented you to The Anglican Consultative Council’s meeting and in the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. In every place, to many a variety of people, I have shared verbally and financially the support of the Compass Rose Continued on page 19 The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle LAMBETH 2020 : A CONVERSATION WITH THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY Recently, Compass Rose Society communications team member Canon Jim Rosenthal asked the Archbishop of Canterbury how the Society can help him with the arrangements and especially the funding of the forthcoming Lambeth Conference. Canon Rosenthal: From its inception, the Compass Rose Society has seen their role as one to help fund and support the ministry of the Archbishop in his Anglican Communion role. How can we help you in making your Lambeth 2020 vision a reality? Archbishop Welby: One of my key objectives for this Lambeth Conference is to gather as many of the bishops and their spouses from across the whole Anglican Communion as possible. I am very aware that finances to attend and the additional travelling costs are simply out of reach for approximately half of those who have been invited. Archbishop Welby at Canterbury with St. Nicholas (Canon Rosenthal) and the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral (The Very Rev’d Robert Willis) at this year’s annual holiday parade.