Previous Communion Visits and Study Trips

On our Communion Visits, we travel with the secretary general of the Anglican Communion. We meet church, political and government leaders. We experience first-hand the extraordinary ministry being undertaken by the church - often in difficult circumstances. Whether recycling projects in impoverished, overcrowded cities in Brazil or church-run orphanages hosting HIV/AIDs victims in South Africa, we have found hope for the future. No one returns from these visits unchanged.

Where have we been? Compass Rose Society Communion Visits and Study Trips:

1999       Diocese of Kaduna, Northern Nigeria

1999       Jerusalem

2000       Cuba

2000       Spain and Portugal

2001       Diocese of Mpwapwa, Tanzania

2001       Hong Kong and mainland China

2002       Diocese of the Highveld, Province of Southern Africa

2003       Scotland and Wales (study trip)

2004       Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

2005       Ireland (study trip)

2006       Rome (study trip)

2007       Mexico

2007       Salisbury, UK (study trip)

2008       Cyprus

2009       Diocese of Southern Malawi

2010       Paris (study trip, the Convocation of Episcopal Churches)

2011       Liverpool (study trip)

2011       Anglican Church in Brazil (The City of God in Rio and Belem in the Amazon)

2013       Diocese of Cape Coast, Ghana

2014       Province of Southern African and the Diocese of False Bay

2015       Coventry Cathedral (study trip)

2016       Hong Kong and China

2016       Anglican Center in Rome Jubilee Celebration

2018       Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui 20th Anniversary of the Province

2019        Dioceses of Limerick and Killaloe, Ireland