Our Mission

The Compass Rose Society supports the programs and ministries of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC), the organization that sets the goals and direction for the Communion.

The Society helps the ACC in three important ways:

First, by raising funds for the ministries of the ACC, which include mission and evangelism, communications, ecumenical relations and administration and finance. These funds are generated through new memberships, annual gifts from existing members, and earnings from a growing endowment fund that will secure future funding for specific programs of the Communion.

Second, by designating contributions for mission projects approved by the secretary general of the ACC.These projects are often connected with visits by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the secretary general or members of the Compass Rose Society. 

Here are some examples of the Compass Rose Society's work.

  • Member parishes support a school in Rwanda and Christ Church in Nazareth

  • A member helped purchase a pulverizer for a garbage dump in Recife, Brazil

  • A grant supports the education of clergy in Burundi in the skills of reconciliation

  • A member underwrote the construction, and now the on-going operations, of a medical clinic in the bush in Kaduna, Nigeria

  • Society members have donated $1 million to the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, Palestine.

Third, by building a community of Anglicans that enthusiastically supports the mission and ministry of the archbishop and the ACC. Members participate in the Society's annual meeting and Communion Visits and endorse mission initiatives of parishes and individuals that help spiritually strengthen the Communion. One of these provides volunteer professional and technical expertise and humanitarian service in areas where they are needed.

The places we have visited on our Communion Visits are here.