Historic Beneficiaries

The Compass Rose Society helps fund the ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Consultative Council through the office of the secretary general of the Anglican Communion. It is the third largest contributor to the Anglican Consultative Council annual budget. In addition to supporting the ACC, the society supports projects recommended by the Archbishop of Canterbury and by bishops of the dioceses that the Society visits.

Projects the Society has funded in the past or is currently supporting are described below. Many of these resulted from Communion Visits. Members may wish to consider "donor-advised" gifts to these or other projects.

Diocese of Jerusalem

The society has visited the Diocese of Jerusalem twice funding the Anglican Hospital in Gaza, Anglican Educational services, emergency food and medical supplies, assistance to St. George's College, the Spafford Children Centre, and the Princess Basma center for Disabled Children. In an era when the Anglican presence in the Holy Land is diminishing, the Society seeks funds to encourage the church and its ministry the Middle East.

Diocese of the Highveld

Located in a challenged area the Diocese of the Highveld provides ministry to some of the world's most economically deprived areas. The Compass Rose Society supports a micro bank designed to help women achieve economic status. We have also supported orphanages, day care centers, educational institutions and HIV/AIDS home base care clinics.

Diocese of Kaduna, Nigeria

As the result of an early mission trip and inspired by one of our members, the Compass Rose Society helps to fund a bush clinic in Katei in the Diocese of Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. A tangible result of this clinic is that the mortality rate of women in childbirth cared for at the center has measurably decreased.

Anglican Networks

The Anglican Consultative Council recognizing the need for linking people throughout our Anglican Communion created but could not fund a series of affinity networks. These networks rely on outside funding. The Compass Rose Society has supported some of these including the International Anglican Woman's Network, the International Anglican Family Network, the Francophone Network and the Network for Interfaith Concerns.

United Nations Observer

Appointed through the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican Communion maintains a presence at the United Nations in the form of an Anglican Observer. The Compass Rose Society helps fund this work.

Nanjing Seminary

The Compass Rose Society has supported this seminary based in Nanjing China  in accordance with its interest in theological education.

Theological Education

Through the work of the Theological Education Advisory Committee (TEAC), the Compass Rose Society provides theological textbooks to seminaries that request them throughout the Anglican Communion. Each set costs $1500 (USD).

Diocese of Spain

As a result of an early mission trip to Spain, the Society has supported the bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church in Spain through the study center at Salamanca.

Irish School of Ecumenics

The Compass Rose Society assisted in the Education for Reconciliation program.

Diocese of Mexico

The Compass Rose Society supported a street program for Children at risk and provided funding for an orphanage.

Anglican Centre in Rome

Through the work of the Anglican Centre in Rome, students from around the world can engage in theological study in the heart of the Roman Catholic Church. The Anglican Study Centre helps our church strengthen relationships for the Roman Catholic Church.