Membership: Personal Benefits

The Compass Rose Society supports work of the Anglican Communion.  Founded in 1994 at the old palace in Canterbury, the Compass Rose Society has become a valuable resource to the Communion both in financial support and in sharing the news of the work which maintains and improves unity in the Communion.

Comprised of individuals, chapters, parishes and dioceses, the membership of the Compass Rose Society participate in the work of the Anglican Communion through their financial contributions and through:

Connecting with other members with the same passion for service who collectively work toward world-wide reconciliation

The personal connection you can make to your contributions makes the Society unique. Many members have found the pilgrimages to our Anglican roots and an opportunity to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury compelling and meaningful experiences. Others have been moved by a particular Communion Visit and have directed donations to support that cause; still others find a personal ministry in expanding the membership of the Compass Rose Society as a way to highlight the need for unity and our calling toward Christian mission.

Beginning in 1999, Communion Visits have included the Diocese of Kaduna, Northern Nigeria; Spain and Portugal; the Anglican Church in Cuba; Jerusalem and the Holy Land; the Diocese of the Highveld, South Africa; the Diocese of Hong Kong and mainland China; The Diocese of Southern Malawi, The Anglican Church of Brazil; the Diocese of Tanzania, the Anglican Church of Mexico, the Diocese of Cape Coast, Ghana and the Province of Southern African and the Diocese of False Bay  Study Trips include Salisbury Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral; Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the Anglican Cathedral in Paris, Scotland and Wales and the Anglican Centre in Rome.


What Others Have Said about the Compass Rose Society

“The Compass Rose Society has been a unique network for people committed to the common life of the Anglican family to learn and work and pray together. Even in times of stress and challenge, it has drawn from the widest possible spectrum of Anglican tradition and opinion, and bound many together in the joy of shared service.  Jane and I have always been delighted to share in its fellowship and deeply indebted to the devotion of its members.  It supported us wonderfully in our time at Lambeth, and I hope and pray that its future will be as distinguished as its past.”

~ The Right Reverend and the Right Honourable Rowan D. Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury

“The Anglican Communion is one of the largest networks of human connection in the world. I give abundant thanks for the ongoing ministry of the Compass Rose Society to help enable continued ministry to and with people in various contexts throughout the world.”

~ The Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori, former presiding bishop & primate, the Episcopal Church

“The Compass Rose Society’s ability to bring people with differing views ‘to the table’ of dialogue, discussion, fellowship and worship is a true gift.”

~ The Rt. Reverend Kenneth Kearon, former secretary general of the Anglican Communion, Bishop of Limerick and Killaloe (Ireland)

We also asked several Society members to reflect on their participation in our ministry.

Rev. Canon Jan Naylor Cope – Provost Washington National Cathedral and board member

"During our annual meeting at Lambeth Palace with Archbishop Rowan Williams, I was reminded once again of our inescapable interconnectedness as a global family."

Rev. Peter Douglas Koon – member from Hong Kong and former board member

"I was deeply moved by Canon John Peterson when he told me many stories of the other parts of our Anglican families throughout the world, and I was invited by him to join as the first member that was enrolled in Mainland China."

Elliott Holman – member from South Carolina and former board member

"Participating in the activities of the Compass Rose Society--that is, gathering resources, facilitating communication, and providing a presence through actual mission visits--has helped me connect to the richness and diversity of our church family."

John W. Donahoo, Jr. – member from Florida and former board member

"The greatest privilege is being with the people, seeing the body of Christ at work around the globe, and finding ways and resources to help those who need our support."