Membership Requirements and Benefits

Founded in 1994, the Society has become an important financial resource to the Anglican Communion and a valuable aid in communicating the news of the work which maintains and improves unity in the Communion.

Since its inception, the Society has donated more than $10.6 million (USD) to support the Communion.

About Membership in the Compass Rose Society

The objective of the Compass Rose Society is to donate $400,000 (USD) yearly to the Anglican Consultative Council. To achieve this, members join the Society with an initial gift of $10,000 (USD) and subsequently donate $2,500 (USD) - $3,000 annually to sustain their membership. In addition, Society members often donate to projects throughout the Communion that they favor.

The initial gift is often funded by forming a chapter – a group of any size who contribute together—and pledges may be paid over time by agreement with the Society’s treasurer. The Society accepts gifts of cash, stock or other securities.

All new members and current sustaining members are invited to the annual meeting in the UK. In addition to a business session featuring prominent speakers from the Communion, the program includes dinner, a group audience, and worship with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Society members can register for Communion Visits and Study Trips and each receives subscriptions to the Society’s newsletter The Compass Rose Communicator and Anglican World magazine.

Up to two guests may accompany an individual member or couple to the annual meeting and program with the Archbishop of Canterbury; up to four chapter members may attend; the rector, one guest and two parish members may attend from a member parish; the bishop, a guest, and two others may attend from a member diocese.

If you are interested in membership in the Compass Rose Society, please click here.

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