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Bishop Ackon Memorial Christian Eye Centre (BAMCEC)

Bishop Doyle and other members take a tour of the facilities in Ghana


Many challenges face the delivery of quality eye care in Ghana today including limited personnel (about 300 eye care professionals for 25 million Ghanaians); lack of funds for outreach, screening and diagnostic equipment; minimal public eye care education and the continual use of uncertified herbal preparations to treat ocular disease. 

The Bishop Ackon Eye Centre provides professional eye care to a large  area of the Central Region of Ghana with a population of more than 2 1/2 million. This area is served by 3 Ophthalmologists and has the second highest incidence of glaucoma in the world.  


Project’s objectives:

What was requested

            3 stage project

  • Complete the expansion of existing building (add second floor and roof)
  • Upgrade of the eye care equipment and  a back up power generator (endemic and worsening power supply situation in the area)
  • To set up and train a community outreach eye care team including a dedicated vehicle

How much was requested

  • US$7,500 for part 3


Money for Part 1 and 2 raised through US members of the Compass Rose Society. The Canadian Compass Rose Society disbursed US$8,634 to the Diocese in April 2017 for Part 3.