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Green Anglicans and the Fifth Mark of Mission



Green Anglicans is a movement of Anglicans across Southern Africa who are committed to caring for creation. In Africa that may be a  matter of life or death.


The city of Beira will go down in history as the first major city to be completely devastated by Climate Change. The warming oceans super heated the Cyclone, causing a years worth of rain to fall in a few days. The rising oceans have left the port city of Beira below sea level. Heavy deforestation has removed trees and the floods sped over the denuded land.

How did Green Anglicans respond?

Firstly we produced a video : to raise awareness of the disaster and channel funds to the affected Dioceses. It also makes clear the link between Climate Change and the intensity of environmental disasters

Secondly we assisted with water tablets and organised a course on WASH (Water, and sanitation and health) in the most affected area – in partnership with Tearfund. Participants were taught ways to reduce the risk of infection from dirty water.

Thirdly we are assisting with adaptation. Adaptation was included in two Intentional Discipleship workshops, and the Dioceses made plans which include planting trees such as cashews to hold the floods and also to provide food security. 


In Namibia the challenge is drought – the government has declared an emergency and people have been forced to slaughter their cattle. In the north of Namibia many people don’t have bank accounts, their cattle are their saving. People have been losing the will to live as they have been forced to slaughter their herds.

A video of the story of the drought in Namibia can be found here

Green Anglicans are assisting with teaching water saving methods, linking them with the sacredness and sanctity of water - or we were all baptised through water and it is mentioned 722 in Scripture. A resolution was passed at provincial Synod to encourage parishes to install water harvesting tanks and we are working with the Diocese of Namibia to try to get those into the area. Climate smart agriculture will be taught using minimal water and there are plans for tree planting once the drought has broken.

Submitted by:
The Reverend Dr Rachel Mash, Environmental Coordinator
Anglican Church of Southern Africa

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