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Society Focused on Endowing its Work for the Communion

and Scholarships for Lambeth 2020

HOUSTON, Dec. 6, 2019 –The Compass Rose Society, an international charitable organization supporting the Archbishop of Canterbury’s ministry of relationship in the global Anglican Communion, held its annual meeting in London on November 21 and 22.

In 2018, the Society provided nearly $900 thousand to support the reconciliation and communication initiatives of the Anglican Consultative Council, the Princess Basma Centre for Children with Disabilities in the Diocese of Jerusalem, hospitals in Gaza and Nablus, and Canterbury Cathedral. In 2018 the Society raised a total of $1 million, the first time it has achieved this.

Since its founding in 1997, The Compass Rose Society has donated over $11.5 million to support the mission of the Anglican Communion. In 2018, the Society provided approximately 20 percent of the funding of the Anglican Consultative Council, the governing and coordinating body of the Anglican Communion.

Bishop C. Andrew Doyle, the Society’s president, told members that the initiative to fund an endowment of $10 million for the work of the Communion had received commitments of $1million during 2018. A 2017 news release describing the history of the Society and the plans for the endowment is linked here

In addition, Bishop Doyle indicated that the Society’s initiative to raise $1 million in scholarship support for bishops and spouses who require assistance with travel expenses to attend the 2020 Lambeth Conference had received $283 thousand in commitments to date.

Speakers at the two-day annual meeting offered members an up-to-date view of the work of the Anglican Communion.

Phil George, chief executive officer of the Lambeth Conference, updated members on plans for the meeting and thanked the Society for raising funds for scholarships.

The secretary general of the Communion, Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon, thanked the Society for its support and reviewed his recent travels throughout the Communion.

Others addressing the meeting were:

  • The Revd Canon Professor Jennifer Strawbridge who introduced the Society to the Bible study plan for Lambeth 2020, which will use the text of 1 Peter.
  • The Rt Revd C. Andrew Doyle, Bishop of Texas and president of the Society, who offered “The Lambeth Conference, a Jaunty Romp through History.”
  • Michaela Southworth, the Communion’s director for finance and resources.

Following worship at Lambeth Palace, the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, members heard Archbishop Welby discuss the recent activities of the Communion and plans for the upcoming 2020 Lambeth Conference. He invited the Society to support the conference and to help raise funds to enable bishops to attend. Members then enjoyed dinner with the Archbishop and Mrs. Welby.

Compass Rose Society Board of Directors and Officers

At the annual meeting, the Society elected the Revd William Young Fowler, IV, Austin Texas; the Rt. Revd Daniel Gutiérrez, Bishop of Pennsylvania; and Nancy Emily Southam, Vancouver, BC, as new directors to serve four-year terms.

The Society’s other officers and directors are:

The Rt Revd Jane Alexander, Bishop of the Diocese of Edmonton

The Very Revd Andrew Asbil, bishop of the Diocese of Toronto

The Rt Revd C. Andrew Doyle, Houston, TX, bishop of the Diocese Texas, president of the Society

Robert J. Biehl, Houston, TX, treasurer of the Society

Michael J. Brown, Montevideo, Uruguay

The Revd Canon Jan Naylor Cope, provost, Washington National Cathedral, first vice president of the Society

The Very Revd Chun Ho Samson Jeremiah Fan, dean, All Saints Cathedral, Hong Kong, SAR, vice president of the Society

The Revd Canon Michele V. Hagans, Washington, D.C., Diocese of Washington, DC

Mark Hemingway, Ontario, Canada

The Revd Andrew Merrow, rector, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Arlington, VA

Ann M. Moore, Minneapolis, MN

The Revd Canon Benjamin Musoke-Lubega, Trinity Church Wall Street, New York, NY

The Revd Canon John L. Peterson, Hendersonville, NC, former secretary general of the Anglican Communion and past president of the Society

The Rt Revd M. Philip Poole, Barrie, ON, Canada, past president of the Society

The Rt Revd Gregory Rickel, bishop of the Diocese of Olympia, Seattle, WA

Charles M. Royce, Riverside, CT

The Revd Pamela Cottrell Shier, Mount Morris, PA, rector, Prince of Peace Episcopal Church, Salem, WV

David Sik Hung Tse, Central, Hong Kong, SAR

The Most Revd Dr. Josiah Idowu-Fearon, Secretary General of the Anglican Communion London, UK

The Revd Della Wager Wells, Newport, Rhode Island, secretary, and legal counsel


About the Compass Rose Society

Founded in 1997, The Compass Rose Society comprises 283 memberships located primarily in the US, Canada, and Hong Kong. It takes its name from the symbol of the Anglican Communion.

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